FIT INVENTION only Technology which forecast FIRE one year in advance likeMall, Mine,High Rise Grenfell Tower etc Website for resident of High Rise Towers of world,required

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 Great Fire of London 1666 total 10   2017 total 10

Great Fire of London 1666 total 10 2017 total 10

  Grenfell Tower Fire Tragedy  London

Grenfell Tower Fire Tragedy London

 Brave Heros of London Fire Brigade who saved life of resident of Grenfell Tower Miles to go before we sleep

Brave Heros of London Fire Brigade who saved life of resident of Grenfell Tower Miles to go before we sleep

 Brave and bold Hon.Dany Cotton Commissioner London Fire Brigade

Brave and bold Hon.Dany Cotton Commissioner London Fire Brigade


Ignorance of invention is root cause of disasteri

PM  Britain Hon Teresa Maya  visit to Grenfell Tower Area

PM Britain Hon Theresa Maya visit to Grenfell Tower Area

LONDON is cosmopolitan International  city where people of all religion live peacefully and resident of many nations died who were walking on London Bridge.

GOD has given  forewarning to Government and public  to become alert after  Manchester Tragedy but London Bridge and Borough market and later on Grenfell Tower Tragedy took place.

After 2014 Uk Flooding I posted my message to Royal Society London website that other than British we  can also save Britain so give us chance to demonstrate FIT Invention but no reply received due to I only know attitude


FIT INVENTION thinks in different way and is divine technology to save mankind on Planet Earth.Ignorance of Invention like FIT is root cause of disaster.We forget one tragedy and we do not learn lessons from past like Great Fire of  London  1666.websites for High Rise Tower required in all countries of  world  where citizen can tell their grievances about Fire Safety,mismanagement etc


1-Do you think that Nature gives forewarning signals –premonition before any Big Tragedy?

Ans-Yes always but normally we are not serious about it and are not interlinked Globally so we can inform others to save valuable Human life.

I n last article I indicated that L is opposite word m London Fire tragedy took place in Grenfell Tower


2-Why 2017 was Alert year for Britain what is reason?

A-I started my work and searched when Biggest Fire took place in London answer was 1666 -+total 19=10   2017 total=10

3-How FIT INVENTION forecast what words will come under Fire tenure of  Hon.Dany Cotton Commissioner London Fire Brigade.June if month in which she is born ?

Ans-DANY COTTON-OPPOSITE WORDS M ,G/J/Z, T,R ,D in these words Grenfell Tower name automatically comes and tragedy took place place in month of June  and rest word in future time will prove correctness of word power .

4-What is opposite word of Mayor of Londom Hon.Mr.Sadiq Khan ?

Ans-Sadiq Khan Opposite words T,G/J/Z,M,B/V/W/

5-What is opposite words of Hon .  Theresa May Prime Minister of Britain  ?

Ans-Theresa May-opposite words N ,G/J/Z,M H, C/K/,L Tragedy started in Britain from month of MAY-YAM

6-Is it a fact that you met British Teacher In Tokyo Japan in HIDA Trainting who challenged you to tell his age by seeing palmtop and you forecasted his age ?

Ans-Yes I correctly forecasted his age and informed him that I detected Appearance of Bad Biosensor of 2014  on Basis of which I forecasted correct age

7–Have you written blog on that FIT INVENTION is online next Generation technology which forecast any type of Fire one year in advance ?



Ans-Synoptic most powerful tool which on getting palmtop of Chief of Firebrigade declares that in 2017 10 Fireman will be injured which indicate Big Fire will takes place in area where FireBrigade is working

3- One percent of Palmtop of Grenfell Tower resident i.e.out of 600 floor wise palm top of atleast 14 person could have saved life of all.All palmtop photo of High Rise Building can be loaded


Your name,city country Building name,objects in nature Words used are interlinked forces  like MICRO NANO MACRO when decoded using FIT INVENTION resulted and allowed you to  to see ,what is going to  happen with you or your city or country be in near future etc . Logic reasoning forensic evidence

Are generated when one uses FIT INVENTION .Superstition can not produce logic and reason behind future disasters but FIT INVENTION can produce both things.Tree Seed,Genes Computer-Pen Drive ,Universe-Humanbody all are interconnected the people of middle East,Britain America,Syria Libiya, Japan etc


visit website on FIT INVENTION


Vk sonakia Inventor FIT INVENTION




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