Mother Earth Have mercy calm down stop stop stop fury in Kerala immediately latest 20th August 23 August.Forgive brothers and sisters of kerala if they disturbed flora fauna mankind

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Have mercy Mother Earth on brothersand Sisters of Kerala

Have mercy Mother Earth on brothers and Sisters of Kerala

During chennai torrential rain my and citizen prayer was accepted by

Mother Earth.Same should happen for kerala to save valuable Human life

flora fauna.Mother Nature stop fury in all districts and rivers and dam,s in

kerala.Do not forget to pray to Lord Guruvayur,Sabrimala,Lord Raja

Bali,bhagwan Parushram.
I have asked many Chief Minister of Kerala to use FIT Invention which forecast

manmade and natural disasters one year in advance
We have not learned lesson from Kedarnath tragedy,Fukishima Japan 2011
Yemen Exodus,Draught,cruelity towards animals,killing of innocent

citizens of other faith,nipah virus Rich and poor etc why ????

vk sonakia
Inventor FIT Invention
website on FIT INVENTION

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